Embellished Curves is Open for Business

Hi everyone,

We're here, we're open and we're ready to help. I want to thank my wonderful husband, Harry for the support he's given me over the last few months. I originally thought he'd be a silent partner but he's been very active - making me work benches, moving furniture around as I take over half the house, and sanding our wonderful resin bangles and rings. (For Debbie @ Uniquely Deborah - I told you I hated sanding, I found a way to outsource lol). He has listened to all my dramas as I learn how to do everything and been absolutely great. Thank you babe - I love you!

Don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter, there you will gain access to exclusive product launches and early deals. Did you know that those that signed up before the launch actually had access to the site for 14 hours before the official launch? There will be many benefits like that of subscribing and don't stress, I will NEVER sell your information, I absolutely hate spam.

I can't wait to see what the most popular items are. I received an amazing shipment today of amethyst, jasper and lapiz lazuli stones so hopefully you will see these very soon after I get some creative inspiration.

I hope you have a happy Easter


Tracie McNamara-Jones