Sterling Silver

Sterling silver can be worn everyday however it can tarnish with constant wear. You can buff your silver with a lint free silver buff cloth. If your jewellery requires more care you can use a silver polish.

Embellished Curves recommends the use of Goddards. Go to  to find your nearest stockist. 



Resin Jewellery

Resin jewellery requires very little care and maintenance. As a precaution its a good idea to keep your piece away from chemicals and extreme weather. Remove your jewellery before swimming or bathing and before applying any sunscreens, moisturisers, hair sprays, deodorants, perfumes etc.

If you find your piece is losing its lustre you can wash your piece in some mild soap and water. Once dry, massage in some baby oil and it will be gleaming in no time.


Fashion Jewellery

Our fashion jewellery is of a high standard but like all fashion jewellery needs to be treated with care to maintain its looks.

After wear wipe over with a lint free cloth, do not use silver cleaner. Remove your jewellery before showering or swimming and ensure all chemicals are kept away from your piece. A good rule with fashion jewellery is that it should be the last item you put on before you go out and the first you take off when you return.


Beaded Jewellery

Our beaded jewellery should simply be wiped over with a lint free cloth. Do not clean with any cleansers as these could soak into the stones and discolour them. Again it is important that this jewellery is not exposed to harsh chemicals, chlorine, perfumes, hairspray etc. Put your jewellery on after using these chemicals.

Goddards Jewellery Cleaner