Black Agate and Jasper Couples Stretch Bracelets

Black Agate and Jasper Couples Stretch Bracelets


Beautiful stretch bracelets with 9 and 10mm semi-precious stones - black agate and jasper . These bracelets are perfect as a simple meaningful gift for you and your partner. The highlighted bead in each bracelet comes from the other. Purchased as a set of 2 bracelets.

Many believe that stones have specific meaning and can assist your general wellbeing. Agate is believed to be a stone of harmony, and can give you inner strength while jasper can increase your self-discipline.

The smaller of the two bracelets is approx 20cm while the larger is 22cm. If you think you need beads added or subtracted please advise on checkout. Sizing no additional cost.

Made in Australia.

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